Effects of 360-Degree Video Advertising on the Consumer

August 16, 2018 / Taylor Kilduff

In this study, researchers measured how using a 360-degree format in video advertising changes the consumers response to the advertisement. Researchers showed participants two advertisement formats and took self-reported and physiological assessments of the effects of the advertisement. What they found was that the 360-degree advertisement elicited a longer duration of joy from consumers than did the traditional format. However, they found that there was no differences between the two formats in terms of arousal and surprise.

Implications for Managers:

The takeaway for managers is that the 360-degree advertising format could be used to create a more positive ad experience for consumers. The study mentions that this could be very useful for managers that are trying to promote their brand through digital advertising. Managers would be wise to consider using this format as a tool to promote their brand, especially if they are trying to elicit positive emotions through their advertisements.


Castellanos, M. C., Ausin, J. M., Guixeres, J., & Bigné, E. (2018). Emotion in a 360-Degree vs. Traditional Format Through EDA, EEG and Facial Expressions. Advances in Advertising Research IX, 3-15. doi:10.1007/978-3-658-22681-7_1