How Should Luxury Brands Handle Social Media?

August 13, 2018 / James Hughes

Luxury brands these days are in a bit of a dilemma: how can we advertise to the masses on social media, while still maintaining our luxury image? This can be especially tricky as social media becomes more “democratic”; users are influencing how products are made and distributed even more than fancy ad agencies or companies themselves. Is there room in the modern marketing landscape for luxury brands?

Pentina, Guilloux, & Micu (2018) might have some solutions. They studied social media consumers behaviors, specifically in the context of luxury brands, to determine the most effective ways for those brands to market to their target audience, without giving up too much control on product design or costs. Most importantly, they found that the “rules” for luxury advertising on social media are, in fact, different than how most companies should approach their marketing strategies.

Implications for Managers:

Pentina, Guilloux, & Micu recommended the following strategies for luxury brands:

  • Try to limit how much consumers can engage with your products on social media.

  • The goal is to increase awareness (with likes, follows, and shares) while allowing minimal input in terms of comments

  • Be selective with your consumer engagement.

  • You don’t have to respond or even acknowledge every comment or remark; only interact and engage with those who represent your target market

  • Post infrequently and post finished products.

  • Infrequent posts show that you only post “when there is something worth posting about”, thus increasing the quality of your content, and posting finished product ideas shows that you keep quality control in-house, rather than spreading it to the masses

Thanks for reading,

James Hughes


Iryna Pentina, Véronique Guilloux & Anca Cristina Micu (2018) Exploring Social Media Engagement Behaviors in the Context of Luxury Brands, Journal of Advertising, 47:1, 55-69, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2017.1405756