How to maximize your social networking advertisement

August 9, 2018 / James Hughes

It has been shown over and over again that advertising on social networks and social media has a direct, positive impact on businesses. If you’re a marketing manager about to make the jump into social networking advertising, congratulations! But you, like many, might be wondering: what characteristics of advertisements are most effective at engaging customers?  Luckily, researchers have given us some clues. A study by Kujur & Singh (2016), examined which traits of social networking ads were most important in engaging customers. They found that vividness, interactivity, information, entertainment, and incentives were all important factors in engaging customers.

Tips for Managers:

Based on their research, Kujur & Singh had several practical recommendations for managers:

  • The most important characteristic of a social media ad is vividness, so be sure to use images and videos that draw attention, without being too big or messy.

  • The next most important was entertainment, so once you catch someone’s attention with vividness, be sure to keep their attention by entertaining them someone. Perhaps the use of humor or parody!

  • Interactivity was found to have a negative impact on engagement, so avoid the overuse of clicking, links, email mail sign-ups, etc.

  • Once you lose customer engagement, it’s difficult to get it back! Err on the side of doing too little rather than too much.

Thanks for reading,

James Hughes


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