New Tobacco and Cannabis Strategy: Embrace the Vape

With the $10 Billion Cannabis industry still booming in the early years of its legalization, many prominent investors are attempting to cash in not just with the plant itself, but with the market of accessories around the plant.

One of the most notorious cannabis consumers of our age, rapper and businessman Snoop Dogg, is among them. The Snoop Dogg backed firm Indose is selling vaping products at $70 each, claiming they help track and regulate the amount of THC consumed.

Vaporizers have become an industry onto themselves, a natural evolution from the tobacco market trying to promote “healthier” and “safer” alternatives to traditional paper-rolled cigarettes. The ability to add a variety of flavors has also seen the industry get a powerful resurgence, though not without significant backlash. Many dictators and opponents are claiming that new the new flavorings are a campaign targeted towards children, which have seen a sharp increase in vaping usage. And while the successful slogan of “No Smoke, Just Water Vapor” has eased the minds of many, I don’t recall much experience with plain water vapor that tasted like candy.

It will be hard to avoid vaporizers and e-cigarettes in the future, regardless of whether they contain nicotine, cannabis, or both. It’s currently considered to be a $44 Billion market globally, with few signs of slowing down. With Cannabis lobbyists becoming increasingly powerful players in Washington, the goal of nation-wide legalization and the increase demand in vaporizers is becoming a stronger possibility every day.

Even with the specter of regulations looming in the US, international markets show a strong appetite for the product. Even a product as natural as plants themselves have adapted to the demand for a tech-based lifestyle.