Six Attributes of Technology Products that Influence Consumer Engagement

September 7, 2018 / Ariana Biedebach

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Yes, I know what you are thinking, this is a painfully obvious notion. All that needs to happen in order for you to understand this is to open an app that has seemingly updated without you knowing it and feel the mini panic set in. Why does everything look different? Will I ever be able to figure this out? Am I a lost cause? Of course, all of this happens within a millisecond before you realize that you are overreacting. I highlight this process because it is what we all go through when we feel that technology is moving ahead without us. User experience is enormously important to the consumer. That being said, it should be of paramount concern to the companies providing high technology products to potential users.

Further understanding of the processes with which we go through to understand our journey while using technology is imperative to consumer engagement. Lee, Ha, & Widdows (2011) studied user experience and found that six attributes of a technology product influence customers reactions to a product via cognitive state. The six attributes identified were usefulness, ease of use, innovativeness of technology, visual appeal, prototypicality, and self-expression. Furthermore, they identified innovativeness and self expression to be the most important attributes to the consumer.

Key Takeaways for Managers:

  1. Developers should make sure their new products accomplish all six functions identified. These attributes provide an important foundation, while putting out additional effort to identify other unique attributes specific to their product category.

  2. Influencing customers to have a more favorable attitude toward and pleasing experience with their products should be incorporated into their product strategy. For example, developers can make certain product attributes highly evident through all product design, development, and marketing strategies.

  3. Developers should understand that the communication power of a technology product has a huge impact on a consumer’s evaluation of that product. Customers consider technology products to be a medium through which they can manage their social relationships. Firms that allow for their users to interact with their social networks while simultaneously allowing them to self-express will have higher levels of consumer engagement.

Thanks for reading,

Ariana Biedebach, Operations


Lee, S., Ha, S., Widdows, R. (2011) Consumer responses to high-technology products: Product attributes, cognition, and emotions, Journal of Business Research 64(11):1195-1200