The Effects of Engaging with Content Marketing on Business Outcomes

August 22, 2018 / Taylor Kilduff

Wang, Malthouse and Uzuboglu conducted research on the effects of content marketing on business to business (B2B) firms. In their research they discovered that content marketing, through both webcasting and in-person events, can lead to positive outcomes for B2B firms by increasing sales leads. They also found that whether the content marketing was through webcast or in person did not produce a significant effect on the number of leads the event produced. Ultimately their study was one of the first to use research from top firms to show how content marketing can be profitable for B2B firms.

Takeaway for Managers: 

If you are trying to get sales leads for your B2B firm, it could be beneficial to put resources into content marketing. Moreover, this study would seem to show that content marketing through webcasts can be as effective as holding in person events, so whichever medium managers choose, this type of marketing has the potential to increase their sales leads and ultimately their profitability. 


Wang, W., Malthouse, E. C., & Uzunoglu, E. (2018). The Effects of Engaging with Content Marketing on Business Outcomes for B2B Service Providers. Advances in Advertising Research IX, 57-70. doi:10.1007/978-3-658-22681-7_5

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