Want a More Effective Social Media Campaign? Partner Up!

August 18, 2018 / James Hughes

Often, the greatest challenges require the best teams to overcome. It may be Batman & Superman teaming up to take down a bad guy, or even Alien going head-to-head with Predator to elevate both franchises. Many successful advertising campaigns are the result of brand partnerships. A recent success-story is the combination of RedBull’s and GoPro’s joint advertising campaigns, with each brand aligning their “extreme” positioning to advance both products.

But what does science say about these types of advertising partnerships? A recent German study found that when brands partnered for a product-focused ad campaign, the use of the extended social media platforms (being able to reach the audience of both brands on social media) did lead to higher sales for the combined product.

Advice for Managers:

  1. Partner up! A composite product between you and a business partner can increase product sales

  2. Two is better than one in social media: using a partner’s pre-established social media brand is easier than building one from scratch!

  3. Look at posting behaviors instead of number of followers! A smaller, active fanbase is better than a larger inactive one

  4. Focus your posts on the product itself and include a call to action! A direct approach had a more mobilizing effect in purchasing behaviors

Thanks for reading,

James Hughes


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